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"Art is a language that speaks human"

- Yuko Kudo - 

HI, I’m Yuko. I'm an artist, storyteller and a social innovator. 


Over a decade of auditioning, hopping projects to projects, picking up all sorts of odd jobs to sustain myself and keep pursuing my dream to be a successful artist, I experienced the unfairness and exploitative nature of the Art and Entertainment Industry. 


From the lack of accurate representation and infrastructure, to working for little or no pay to gain exposure, to ridiculously competitive leads, which ultimately led to a lot of anxiety and stress.  While I often held on to the hope that the next one was going to be my “big break” - this never became the reality until I said, “I’m done. I can’t do this any more. This culture must change.” 


True social impact requires a human centric approach through sharing lived experiences, and storytelling that connect to each person at their core. This is what led me to incorporate my art into social innovation work; to reach people’s hearts. 


Together with you, we will facilitate social impact through a co-creative experience that caters to your unique needs and the experience you want for your audience. From the story development and collaboration process, to the execution method, everything is uniquely catered to you and your community. The goal is to help your audience feel seen, heard and empowered. 


Key focus areas: 

  • Human-centric culture building that focused on empathy and strength.  

  • Amplifying the voice of Women, Immigrants, Global Majority (BIPOC), LGBTQIA, Disabled Community

  • Economic empowerment for Artists and Creative Industry

  • Creating sustainable partnerships with Artists and Creative Industry. 


Based on the impact you want to see, we’ll tap into the extensive partnership network I’ve built to make the experience as robust as possible. Partners are not limited to Artists, and also include Social Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Community Builders, Educational Institutions and more.


If you’re curious how you can incorporate human centric approach and art for your mission, 

Let's start a dialogue. 

xoxo Yuko




A documentary series features the life of NY-based artists, and how they have been contributing to their communities through their creative work. These are stories of human resilience that encourage the audience to find a renewed appreciation for art and life.  This series was created in response to the impact of Covid-19 on Creative Industry. 

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The conversations with change makers and opportunity makers. This podcast features primarily women, global majority (BIPOC),  LGBTQIA, and allies and the impact that is being created. Hosted by Yuko Kudo, in partnership with Prime Produce Apprentice Cooperative. 

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See the Impact Summary of past creative works

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Partners & Seen on

Prime Produce

"Still getting chills from how inspiring and powerful you were! Hope you continue to do this more often now, more people need to experience your light

- Rei Perovic -

"She's creating what's next for art"


- thecnnekt -

"Yuko shares the most vulnerable moments of her life through her beautiful music with such tenderness, She makes you ponder about your relationships, self-worth and love. She changed me for the better. “

- Minami Yusui -



If you are curious what we can create together, let's start a dialogue. 

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Looking forward to connecting with you. xoxo

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