Art for Change 

As an artist and a speaker, I have been facilitating the creation of collaborative educational spaces focuses on the intersection of art and activism.


Art is language.

Artists are healers, teachers and leaders.

Art connects people.

 Art & Conversation based events creates opportunities for

- Cross Sector Collaboration

- Spark curiosity that leads to proactive learning

- Clear Call to Action

- Community Engagement

- Accessibility for diverse audience

- Exploration for diverse social issues

"Yuko incorporated her artistry in storytelling and intersection of art and environmental activism in her performance. Yuko’s virtual live performance created a space for people to connect emotionally and reflect on our actions towards the Earth and others.  I can’t wait to see her future performances!


A. G. - Capsule Hackathon - 

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Hire Yuko as a performer, speaker, facilitator or consultant for your upcoming events. 

Topics Specialized in...

- Immigration 

- Women's rights

- Mental Wellness

- Diversity & minority 

- Mindful Artist

Let's connect and discuss what our collaboration can look like.

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