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Let's Create for Good

 Art & Storytelling create opportunities for

- Community Engagement

- Cross Sector Collaboration

- Creative thinking/learning

- Access to diverse audience

- Empathy based culture building

I have been facilitating the creation of collaborative spaces focuses on the intersection of art and cultural shift.


Art is language that speak human.

Artists are healers, teachers and leaders.

Art connects people.

What are we creating together?

Environmental Justice.jpg
Matrix V4.jpeg

"Yuko incorporated her artistry in storytelling and intersection of art and environmental activism in her performance. Yuko’s virtual live performance created a space for people to connect emotionally and reflect on our actions towards the Earth and others.  I can’t wait to see her future performances!


A. G. - Capsule Hackathon - 

< HOW WE can Collaborate >

Are you looking for...

A collaborator to work on your creative &/or community projects? 

 A way to incorporate art and culture more to your sustainability practice? 

Someone who's multi-passionate, multi hyphenate people to talk to?

Let's talk about your vision and what you're trying to create.

Everyone's needs are different and I know you have a unique vision for you and your community.

Some examples of how we can collaborate are 

- Event & Production Support (Project Management, Photography, Event Space)

- Project/Programming Consultation

- Speaker, Curation

 or just a soundboard to bounce off your ideas. Looking forward to connecting with you. 

< Project Samples >
Environmental Justice.png
Crime and Punishment.jpg
International Women's day.png
The Power of Music and Social Impact.jpg
Women in Arts in time for Climate Emerge
Hiroshima 75th Memorial.png
< Past Clients and partners >
Civic Hall
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