Community Building

<Mission & Vision>

My mission is to bring healing into a world by using art and storytelling. 

Artists are the healers, teachers and leaders.

I serve artists and artists community.


1: Making this world a better place one art, one artist at a time.

2: No artists are struggling emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially. 

3: Collaboration not competition

In time for COVID-19

Virtual Check-In

for Artists & Creatives


Fridays at 12pm EST



 Resources for Artists 

Serving Artists & Artist Community

Artist Circle

Monthly potluck dinner for artists to connect and build meaningful relationship. Open dialogue space.

Artists Event

Monthly event to feature artists's work in public with audience. All art forms are welcomed. 


Workshop for artists to learn about entrepreneurship, mental wellness, sustainability etc to expand their art work. 


Production support. Finding collaborative team from within a community. 


2019 Impact Summary

Through 2017- 2019, Yuko served artists community as a founder of "I AM" Series Global, offering space for artists and artists community, along with her team. Bringing socially conscious artists to feature their work, learn about each other and to serve the community. "I AM" Series Global also focused on education for artists to multiply the impact.

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