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"I AM" Series



"I AM"Series offered the space for artists to showcase their voice in front of the audience with a mission to heal and connect through art and heart. 

We believe that art gives us healing within ourselves, connection and voice to make a change in someone else's life.


We are leaders, healers and change makers.


We stand by our art and believe that no artists should struggle with their identity, artistry, emotionally, physically and financially.

yuko kudo's "I AM" series, 2/15/2019 | people making cool things

yuko kudo's "I AM" series, 2/15/2019 | people making cool things

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2019 Impact Summary.png

2019 Impact Summary

Through 2017- 2019, Yuko served artists community as a founder of "I AM" Series Global, offering space for artists and artists community, along with her team. Bringing socially conscious artists to feature their work, learn about each other and to serve the community. "I AM" Series Global also focused on education for artists to multiply the impact.

<Serving Artists & Artist Community>

Artist Circle.png

Artist Circle

Monthly potluck dinner for artists to connect and build meaningful relationship. Open dialogue space.

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Artists Event

Monthly event to feature artists's work in public with audience. All art forms are welcomed. 

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Workshop for artists to learn about entrepreneurship, mental wellness, sustainability etc to expand their art work. 

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Production support. Finding collaborative team from within a community. 

< Testimonials >

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“I absolutely loved being a featured artist at “I AM” Series. Everyone involved was incredibly supportive, helpful, and sweet! I’m especially proud of the fact that this event donated to charity, which I think so important. An event that gives many artists/performances of all different styles a chance to shine while giving back to the community AND the artists is a rarity. Thank you for welcoming me and my song babies :)”

- Yaniza, Singer Song writer

"It is a way of releasing whatever I was feeling inside of me. Where other people can identify with this. This is just not a show. I can just show up and express myself whatever that looks like to me. Give audience the same opportunity to do the same. You just get to be just you and share your voice, whatever that talent is to you"

- Glenny, Entrepreneur -

“My husband Gui and I got to be apart of “I am CHOICE” and we were so honored to share the stage with some beautiful humans who also shared their heart, soul, and vulnerability. What "I AM" Series has done to bring people together and share their stories is so special and we were so honored to be apart of it. Every show has something unique and always full of surprises. I love this movement and can’t wait for more! Thank you to all have shared themselves, thank you for all who support, and or creating this space!”

- Christina, Actress & Producer

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