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Work Samples

 Art is my tool for healing, connecting and changing the world. 

"Artists are healers, teachers and leaders.

Art connects people.

Art speaks human."

- Yuko Kudo - 

Project Highlights
Dear Asian Girls 
"Just be you"

A Documentary Film about the life of three Asian Female Theatre artists of international backgrounds who moved to NYC to pursue their dream to be on the Broadway stage. This film is dedicated to all Artists and people with dreams who create their own path.

[Key Wins] 

- A story written & told by Women of Color

- Amplify the voice of Asian Community, Immigrant Artists

- Offering equitable pay for all creative team

- 100% funded by community


Shino Frances,  Irishrose Cinderella Mayo,  Jessica Wu

[Key Creatives]

Director / Editor - Yuko Kudo 

Post Production Manager - Michael Cutrone 

Music Arrangement for Original Music "Just Be You" - Ko Tanaka 

Executive Producer

Kyle Beckley Abourizk "Full out Creative"

Amanda Kelly Espritu "Creative Surrender Studio"

Yuko Kudo "Untapped Storytellers"


Producer -

Rachel Diana

Jerone Hsu 

 Untapped Storytellers
Renewed Appreciation for art and life

A documentary series that features the stories of artists in New York and their resilience.


[Key Wins] 

- 2021 City Artists Corps Grant Recepient

- Winner Impact Doc Awards

- Amplify the voice of Artists, BIPOC, Women, LGBTQIA+

[Featured Artists]

Snö Bunta

Max MS & Prisma Blu Circus Warehouse

Diane Phelan

Rodney & Yelena Ferrer

Demarcus McGaughey

Brandon Rumaker

Maggie Keenan-Bolger

[Creative Team]

Produced by Simple Alien

Executive Producer : Yuko Kudo

Cinematographer : Michael Cutrone

Editors: Ellis Stoneback and Michael Cutrone

"I came here to be Love"
I don't belong anywhere, so I belong everywhere

One-Human-musical show about being different, and why that’s ok, told through the lens of a person who’s still figuring that out. 

[Key Wins] 

- Innovation of Digital hybrid theatre during Covid-19 (Feb 2021)

- A story written & told by WOC

- Offering access to LIVE theatre experience by removing geographical, physical limitation

- Offering "Pay what you can or Free" ticketing model, to create access to LIVE theatre for those who are in financial needs

- Offering equitable pay for all creative team

- 100% funded by community

[Creative Team]

Produced, Written, Music, and Performed by Yuko Kudo 

Digital Hybrid Experience made possible by

Kyle Beckley & Sandy Shelton // Co-Founders of Full Out Creative 

Directed by Brandon Rumaker

Production Manager -  Shino Frances

Set Designer -  David Isaac Hecht 

Pre-Recorded Video Cinematographer - Michael Cutrone 

 Poupelle of Chimney Town
Believe. Even when nobody else does. 

A New Musical; Poupelle of Chimney Town is based on Bestselling Japanese Picture Book 

[Key Wins] 

- Innovation of Digital hybrid theatre during Covid-19 (Sep 2020)

- Offering access to theatre experience by removing geographical, physical limitation

- International Production Between Japan & New York

- Offering subtitle in English & Japanese

[Creative Team]

Original Book by Akihiro Nishino

Adaptation by Jessica Wu

Music by Ko Tanaka

Directed by Jessica Wu

Co-Directed by Daisuke Nakamura

Assistant Director & Translation by Yuko Kudo

Choreographed by Musa Hitomi

Edited by Michael Cutrone

Poupelle of Chimney Town was performed at The Signature Theatre, NYC in January 2024

"I Am" Series (2017-2019)
To heal & Connect through Arts and Hearts

We stand by our art and believe that no artists should struggle with their identity, artistry, emotionally, physically and financially. 

[Key Wins] 

- Supporting Artists community by offering performance platform, workshops and partnership.

- See full impact summary

[Creative Team]

Artistic Director - Yuko Kudo

Director of Creative Strategy - Brandon Rumaker

Director of Operation - Shino Frances

Other Recent Creative Projects

- House of Waltz -

Feature Film by Rodney Ferrer

Role; Assistant Director

- Jackie, Handbag-

Short Film Written by Brandon Rumaker

Role; Executive Producer

- Reckoning -

Short Film by NILE Productions

Role; Lead Actress "Pippi"

- BLUR with Purpose -

Photography Collection

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